Carmichael Griffin


Carmichael Griffin who plays the role of Sylvester as the oldest brother is a phenomenal actor, cowriter and producer of the upcoming film freedom Of North Carolina.

Carmichael was born and raised in Washington N.C. He started rapping, singing and writing at the age of 13. Around the same age in middle school he performed in his first stage play, The Danville Dodgers and realized that he found a new love which was acting, and not too long after, he started writing and acting in his own short films. At the age of 18 he moved to Atlanta G.A. until tragically his kidneys failed on him and he moved back to North Carolina, where he would start dialysis. Even though he was enduring a traumatic experience he never allowed it to stop him from pursuing his dreams of becoming an actor, singer, songwriter or something part of the Artistic World and at the age of 29 he auditioned for the late, famous, Playwright, Mr. David Payton and landed a lead role in the hit Stage play, They said I wouldn’t make it. Subsequently he landed the lead role in the same title named short film and also landed a role in Demarcus Haddock’s Stage play,  Ain' nothing like family. {Freedom of North Carolina}, created by James R. Jones is Carmichael's latest venture where he has had the privilege and honor to explore and incorporate his talents, such as Acting, partially Co-writing, Producing, Rapping, Singing and Ghostwriting. He has hopes of becoming a household name in the film and music industry and is also an aspiring Entrepreneur.

Some of his music can be heard @

Stayed tuned, there is much more to come!