Writer Director Executive Producer Cinematographer Editor
James Rufus Jones Jr. was born in Greenville, NC October 25, 1985.
As a child was told by his spiritual mother, and others, how his hands would be used to show his many gifts. 
James is now known as a community leader, visionary, event planner, media specialist, cinematographer, inspirational speaker, program director and so much more in his community.
He was  the driving force behind many events in the area such as the "Sharing the Love" event 2008 -2010 | (David Mann aka Mr. Brown from Meet the Brown film, tv show 2011 | Casey J Fill Me Up Concert 2015 | event planner of Childhood Cancer Gold Rush 2015 | All Eyes On Me Talent Showcase and many more. James has partnered with S.u.t organization in Atlanta providing media services, his visual arts compilation has been on display at the phillips arena, with 20,000 attendees present for the "NeighborHood Awards" by Steve Harvey.
James has also had the tremendous honor of  doing a lifetime achievement tribute video for the Legendary Cissy Houston along with the houston family at the Gospel image Awards in Charlotte.

James began editing in 2007. He then begin to realize his knack for creating videos, promos, graphic effects ect.
It wasn't until 2017 that James decided to step his game up  more, and entered into the art of videography. He began to use his personal samsung phone to record various videos.  That led to him shooting music videos using only his phone! James' belief was, that if he could master these task with a  mere camera phone, he'd be one of the best when able to aquire professional quality equipment.

In 2018 James  envisioned creating a  music video that would speak loudly about some of the taboo secrets of American History. A history that was painstakingly prevalent to his native state of North Carolina. After its completion he felt a need to give a storyline to the video by transforming it in to a film. Almost immediately, he began to start writing  the script. Later, he brought on a partner to assist in the creative masterpiece now known as "Freedom of North Carolina".
After a tedious and unsuccessful search in his community for cinematographers, he broadened the search to other areas to no avail. The issue most common in his search: Cost of creativity . It was In those moments of near despair and defeat that it became clear to James.  He remembers the moment this thought occurred.....