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James Rufus Jones Jr. was born in Greenville, NC October 25, 1985. James early years as a child was told by his spiritual mother and others how his hands will be used for many gifts. 
James Known as a (Community Leader, visionary, event planner, media specialist, cinematographer, inspirational speaker, program director etc.) from Greenville, NC.
He is the visionary behind many events such as Sharing the love event 2008-2010 | (David Mann aka Mr. Brown from Meet the Brown film, tv show 2011 | Casey J Fill Me Up Concert 2015 | event planner of Childhood Cancer Gold Rush 2015 | All Eyes On Me Talent Showcase and many more. James has partner with S.u.t organization in Atlanta providing media services, and his video viewed at the phillips arena of 20,000 attendees at the NeighborHood Awards by Steve Harvey.
He had the honor to do a lifetime achievement tribute video for Legendary Cissy Houston along with the houston family at the Gospel image Award in Charlotte.
James begin to start editing in 2007. He then begin to realized he was good in creating videos, promos, graphic effects ect.
It wasn't until 2017 when James wanted to step his game up abit more in the art of videography. He began to use his personal samsung phone to record various videos and then led him shooting music videos using only his phone. James believed if he can master what he has now without having an actual video camera he knew he can be one of the best.
In 2018 James has a vision from a music video that spoke loudly about the darkest secrets of American History in North Carolina.
He felt that he can really take this content abit further with a film.
James began to start writing his very first lines in the script, he then later on got a partner who will give another perception and views to help write few scenes in the script.
James then began to  researched cinematographers in the area but their were not many filmamkers in his nake of the woods. 
He soon began to reach out to other cities, and then outside of the state but everyone he spoke with their fee was beyond his pockets. James then took his vison in his own hands and said to himself
James begin shooting Freedom Of North Carolina summer of 2019.

The film is a movement that will move the minds of people for CHANGE. 


James target is to reach the ones who wants to be reached.

His focus is the youth by making history appealing to the eyes and ears and by doing that, he's using the powerful force of ENTERTAINMENT. 


If I was the fishman and the fishes are the young generations

(our kids) that's out there in sea I must have a bait that will attract the fishes to my line by using the bait of music, dancing, poetry, acting etc. We then feed the generations with 

INFO-MA-TION that they will use and apply to their lives. This is what set this film apart. .

James is also the founder and creator of the cultural event ''Black Power Fest'' community event that started in 2018.
James Jones visions are to bring in new concepts that people can relate in the way the community will be involved more by being creative and using entertainment as a vehicle to bringforth UNITY.


Carmichael Griffin

Washington, North Carolina



Marquise Johnson

Washington, North Carolina


Bryan Ward

Mount Olive, North Carolina

Sound/Boom Operator


Keithen Ruff

Birmingham, Alabama

Music Composer

Music Placements


Ryan Clark

Nevada, Las Vegas

Music Composer



Colour Grader


Candance Mebane

Winton, North Carolina

Production Assistant


Renita Roberts

Brooklyn, New York

Wardrobe Assistant


Brooke Shipman

Mount Olive, North Carolina

Production Assistant II

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