Gilbert Epps


Phillip who is played by Gilbert Epps is an outstanding actor.


Gilbert was born in Bronx, NY as a kid 7 to 11 he was always helping his dad and Mom around the house. He is the baby boy of 7 older brothers and 3 older sister. Gilbert was always carious about how things worked and how to make certain foods. He is a jack of all trades from painting apartments to painting cars and he was always right there on a learning new things.


When Gilbert was about  11 or 12 he took apart his family washing machine and try to put it back together but couldn't until his dad told him to remember all your steps and do it backwards. Since then he was fixing things around the house and building things. He also took a good key to cooking from his mom and learning how to measure the right ingredients. As he got older Gilbert used what he learned from painting apts to measure twice and cut once. Gilbert really likes working with his  hands. He also like taking pictures but most of all he love being a father and a husband.