Gwendolyn Woods


Gwendolyn Woods, who plays the role of Louvenia, is a outstanding performer of the cast of Freedom of NC.


Gwendolyn was born on August 8, 1966 in Fort Barnwell NC to Wilbert and Geraldine Davis. She was the only girl of five brothers. 

At the age of eight, she experienced the divorce of her parents and was sent to live with her grandmother until the age of 13. Gwendolyn attended Kinston High School, where she graduated. 


As a child, she always knew God had something planned for her life. In her darkest times, God would always give her a song to calm her soul, and get her through those times when she felt alone. In August of 1998, she began to feel the Lord tugging at her heart and soul hard, and that year she dedicated her life back to the Lord, she said “Yes” 

Despite the obstacles of overcoming drugs, physical abuse, sexual abuse God said devil you cannot have my child. Sh yield to Him and offered herself a vessel unto the Lord, knowing that her life would never be the same. The assignment God gave her as an Evangelist for him. He gave gwendolyn a simplistic way of sharing God's word through song. 


As a child, she always had a passion for the art of singing, dancing and acting. She was giving the opportunity to use her talents in church and at the Apollo auditions in Kinston NC. Even though she did not win, a great experience got her where she is today. 


In 2008, she had the pleasure of being part of the cast "How Did I Get There”, and in 2009, gwendolyn was part of the cast “On The Move For Jesus" and many others. Her passion for God and singing and acting has led her to pursuing her ministry. God has imparted songs from her experiences to bring encouragement and healing to the body. She is currently serving under the leadership of Apostle Margo Garner. 


In 2012, gwendolyn graduated with a CNA degree in nursing. Soon she will be releasing her first CD, called “Release Me”. She dedicated to her mother who played a major role in her life. (She passed in 2002). 

Gwendolyn was giving the ability to affect, excite, stimulate, and connect with people through her heart full stage presence. There was many people in her life that said she would not make it, but, with God's love grace and mercy gwendolyn is pursuing her destiny with passion and power.