Mona Epps


Mona Epps plays the role of Laura (Head Maid) is an outstanding actress.


Mona Epps was raised in Atlantic City, New Jersey and the Bronx, New York. 

Upon graduating from high school she went to school to become a casino dealer in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

She relocated to Windsor, North Carolina where her parents were born and raised and where many of the scenes were shot for the film at "The Hope Plantation".


Ms. Mona Epps was an educator for over 2 decades with the majority of those years as a school principal and Student Services Director in disadvantaged school districts of eastern North Carolina. Mona Epps is currently an entrepreneur.

Ms. Epps enjoys helping others and served on numerous community boards and civil rights organizations. She held the position of NAACP Educational Chair and volunteered for the Adult Care Home and Nursing Facility Community Advisory Board. 

She was mentored by Stanley Henson Jr. of Amazon Independent and is a cast member for projects scheduled later this year.